Arduino Leprechaun Trap

This was one of my first “real” Arduino projects aside from the tutorials in the books and a few little experiments. This was the first time that several things happened. First of all I got two servos and learned how to use them. Being able to see things move was magical. Sure flashing LED’s, serial output and adjusting tones with a potentiometer was fun too, but it was the motors that got me thinking, “hey I can make a robot now, awesome.”

Getting started

This whole thing started the day before St. Patrick’s day 2014; my wife was busy drumming up leprechaun related stuff on Pinterest and asked me if I could make a leprechaun trap. “Of course” I said – but what and how to build it? I asked my 8 year old son to help me sketch out a rough idea, it involved levers, pulleys, and cages. I knew that I needed more than just the Arduino but also some type of materials that I could easily assemble to the exact size and specification that was on my very much to scale diagram. The only logical solution was to dump all of my kids legos out on the kitchen table/floor and start building.

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Growing up geek

I’m a tech geek. That’s the easiest and best description of me plain and simple. I was younger than five years old when my grandfather showed me how to put together a computer and install an os. This was the mid 80’s and I’m pretty sure I started with a 386 and some version of DOS. My dad was also into tech. He got me started with Linux and networking and was a tinkerer like me. That was pretty much the beginning of the rabbit hole that has led me to where I am at now, head deep in tech, all geeky. Having access to technology throughout my life gave me a big advantage. Not only growing up but even still today.  This is what I intend to pass along, not only to my own children but to as many as I can reach.


Starting to blog again

Its been a long time since I’ve posted anything useful. Most everything is silly geocaching or camping stories that may not even be worth mentioning. I’ve been feeling guilty about not writing up more, especially given how much I’ve learned reading other people’s stuff. I’ve decided to give another go at it. This blog along with any future writing are pretty much a slice of what’s going on in my head at any given moment in time. There will be syntax errors, parse errors and spelling errors along the way but hopefully it will be useful to someone, somewhere.

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